So What Is This?

Escape Pod is Huntsville's premier live escape game. Test your wits and see if you can escape in time!

What is a Live Escape Game?

It's the most fun you'll have locked in a room.

Did you ever play Myst, The 7th Guest, or any other type of mystery computer game? Live Escape Games are like that... but in real life.

So what is the whole point?

It's a game. So... to have fun!

The players (that's you!) will need to solve puzzles, unlock... uh... locks, and figure out how to get out of the room. Did we mention that you have just an hour to do it?

What happens if we don't get out in an hour?


Not really. If you don't get out, that's okay! You won't be permanently locked in the room. The fire marshall won't allow that. We checked. But you won't make it onto our wall of fame, or be able to purchase our super sweet winner shirts. We may have a shame wall (or three) that you could be a part of, and we may have some sweet loser, er, failed participant, er... well, didn't-make-it-outer things as well.

Convinced Yet?

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Who Wants To Do This?

Escape Pod is designed with Almost Everyone in Mind!

Team Building/Group Events

You spend 8 hours a day with your coworkers. Why not have a little fun with them? Book one or more of our rooms, and work together to solve your way to an awesome day!

College Students

Exams getting to you? Need to use your brain for something other than essays? You and your lab partner put down those test tubes and come on down! This is a perfect way to get to know the folks down the hall in your dorm, or any of your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers!

Puzzle Lovers/Gamers

If you're tired of noobs keeping you from sweet achievements, then come test your skills IRL! Think you've got what it takes to solve our puzzles? Want to log the fastest times ever on our wall of fame? We'd love to have you try!

Families & Friends

You'll cherish memories of your loved ones as you grow older. Being locked in a room and figuring a way out will build permanent memories! We offer a safe environment with guaranteed release (the Fire Marshall says so) and no violence. Bring yo' kids, and bring yo' wives, a bring yo' husbands, 'cuz we lockin' up e'erbody out there!

Our Rooms

Three different experiences, one goal. Get out in under an hour so you can brag to your friends.

The secretary left early and now the fate of the free world rests with you.

Explore Room

Stop the second most incompetent evil spy known to man!

Explore Room

Tip toe through the giant mushrooms looking for Alice's missing kitten.

Explore Room

Looking For Us? We’ll Help

We Want YOU to come visit us and get locked in a room.

When Are We Open?

Wednesday - 4:30 PM to 9 PM

Thursday - 4:30 PM to 9 PM

Friday - Noon to 11 PM

Saturday - 10 AM to 11 PM

Sunday - Noon to 8 PM

As requested - Open for team building,
birthday parties, and field trips!

Escape Pod Game

3322 South Memorial Parkway
Suite 705
Huntsville, AL 35801
256-POD-0541 (256-763-0541)

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